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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Day Late

I’m holed up in a hotel across the street from the apartment as my flight was canceled. I leave before sun rises tomorrow. The hotel is dirty and overpriced, but I find it more pleasant than the apartment. I think … Continued

Way Home

I learned some things about traveling solo. I’m not sure whether it would be helpful to share them, they may only be meaningful to me. All week I had moments of being tired and a little homesick. Now I have … Continued


I’m staying in a very special part of Florence. If I walk half a block to the east I run into Santa Croce church which houses Michelangelo’s tomb. If I walk half a block west I run into Casa Buonarroti … Continued

Fiesole, Su, Queen of The Hill

In 2006, Su took what was her first trip to Europe. This seemed surprising for an Art History Instructor, that she had not yet managed to see the great works of Western Art in person. I read the short journal … Continued

Shall we Uffizi?

It has long been my dream to go to the Uffizi Gallery, ever since those days in Art History 102 (or was it 101?). I thought I would be in ecstasy, and indeed my tour inside of Gardner’s continues, though … Continued

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