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The Future Web

I was behind the times, by at least 8 months, if not a year or more.  I don’t know where my head was, exactly, but I had not kept up with the latest best practices of front-end  web coding through … Continued

When New is just Different, not Better

Exception to that rule:  My new drawing, which I believe is about on the same level as the rest of the work I’ve been doing lately and to me, that’s exciting.  The rest of this post pertains to consumer electronic … Continued

Typical Boo-boos & Boos for Microsoft

So I was reading about Apple’s surprising 2nd quarter earnings, which led me to market analysis and prediction, which led to reading about Microsoft.  Windows 7 is set to relieve Vista of its resource taxing and user frustrating duties late … Continued

Blog is up and running!

I forgot a few small details about local versus remote servers and databases. I had no idea the DB saves everything I type, I really don’t like that. Any techies out there have a cure for it? I want deleted … Continued

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