Lynn Schirmer


Willow & the Art Fair

Willow Fox, former student of Su’s, supporter throughout the last few months, and employee of 4Culture just happened to be in France about the same time I was. We were both scheduled to fly out this Monday so she came … Continued


The virus hit me hard as I wandered around the Musee d’Orsay yesterday. On the way there I happened to find the Sennelier store. I was so happy, they had all of their pastels of course, but some I hadn’t … Continued

Art Paris

I cannot believe my luck. The Paris Art Fair runs this weekend. Think a smaller Basel Miami only it’s Paris. I found this out when I went to make the rounds of the gallery district which is now in Le … Continued

Paris Post V, Fins

Mostly pics today. I took another long hike and might have hurt my calf, but my launching place could not have been better. I met the most charming waiter/host who admonished me on my poor French before seating me in … Continued

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