Lynn Schirmer

A Confirmation of OWS

Occuapy Seattle sign

Occupy Seattle sign

Sign Slogan credit: Wintler2 on the Rigorous Intuition Discussion Board

Just for the record, and if there were any doubt, I support Occupy Wall Street, and all other occupy or occupation protests. I have physically supported the Occupy Seattle actions.  The economic and governmental systems that hold  sway on national and global levels are demonstrably corrupt.  I could very well have taken out my signs from the WTO protests over a decade ago and used them today, as nearly everything we warned against in those actions has come to fruition. What we warned against back then is even more prescient today. Our very survival as a species depends upon a massive intervention against the corruption of unregulated, global capitalism.  We live in auspicious times.  I hope that human beings are up to the challenge. My heart is lightened by the myriad scenes of protestors gathering in cities across the world. May we not be too late in our interventions, may we not be too shallow in our efforts.

2 Responses to “A Confirmation of OWS”

  1. tobeimean peter

    It’s going to be a long fight Lynn. Just between now and the 2012 elections is going to be a long turmoil-filled time. I respect you a lot for your work on the streets here, and the lending of your credibility as an artist to the Occupation.

  2. admin

    Thank you for commenting. A long fight is inevitable, and I hope we are all up to the task.


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