Bio - Lynn Schirmer (Organizer/Curator)

Lynn Schirmer has an extraordinary personal history, the details of which are almost guaranteed to invite incredulity. She is a survivor of torture and medical experimentation, beginning in childhood, both private and tax-funded. By exhibiting her artwork, she hopes to raise awareness about these ongoing, yet widely unexposed human rights abuses committed against children and adults here in the US and other Western nations.

Lynn Schirmer is a Seattle artist, and web designer. She is the former Curator of Corridor Gallery and Studio Coordinator at the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts building, a nexus of visual art activity in Seattle's central arts district, Pioneer Square. Her work has been exhibited in the US and France.

She says:
Our trajectories should lead towards cohesiveness and healing. The brain wants to repair itself; the heart desires more than anything else, safe, intimate attachment. I feel that want daily, with an almost unspeakable acuteness, but I haven't managed to overcome my dissociation. So you see in my work the only place where it feels safe to inhabit the body. You see me there, in my varied incarnations, looking back at you, the viewer. I am as vulnerable on paper and canvas as it is possible for me to be.